Bed Bug Prevention

The Sneaky Assailant

Bed bugs can be one of the hardest pests to detect and eliminate. Their minute size and rapid breeding capabilities coupled with their ability to hide in obscure crevices make for a determined challenge. A bed bug infestation can get out of hand in a rapid manner and prove nearly impossible to eradicate by conventional home remedies.

Put Them To Bed

Applied Pest Management has been eliminating various levels of bed bug infestations across a diverse customer base with a 100% success rate. Using the knowledge accrued with updated training and technology, we offer a fully equipped bed bug prevention protocol that stops an infestation before it can take hold in your home or business. We employ this preventative service with proven methods, keeping your family or clients free from bed bugs.

Our Treatment Promise

Applied Pest Management promises satisfactory completion and a retreatment guarantee should the need arise. Do not wait until it is too late! Call now for a quote.

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