Customized Protection

Commercial environments vary when it comes to pest management needs, that is why we custom tailor a specific pest management plan for your structure. Whether it is general pests that are bugging you or a suspected bed bug infestation, your local experts at Applied Pest Management have got you protected.

General Pests

Your facility is the target of a variety of pests…from disease vectoring pests like ticks and mosquitoes to stinging pests like hornets and yellow jackets. These pests pose a threat to the health of your staff, vendors, and clientele. Protect your facility with a customized pest control service from Applied Pest Management.


We have tested our methods thousands of times with a perfect success rate. No matter if you have hundreds of mice or just a few, our bait system will eliminate them all. Through the installation and service of exterior perimeter, tamper resistant, locked, secured rodent bait stations placed in inconspicuous locations, the service will:

1. Eliminate rodents from within the structure.
2. Knock down the outdoor rodent population.
3. Maintain the rodent population as low as possible throughout the year.
4. Prevent rodents from proliferating close to the structure.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can become a serious problem in commercial facilities. We have successfully and discreetly eliminated bed bugs from a variety of settings ranging from schools to office buildings. If you suspect Bed Bugs are in your facility, you should call right away for an assessment and treatment strategy.

Odor Control

Odors have a tremendous impact and impression on your facility. Customers, clientele, and staff often associate odor with cleanliness. Pleasant smelling restrooms and other areas are commonly perceived as clean. We offer a wide variety of air freshening services.

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