Flea Treatment

The Tiny Acrobat

Female Fleas lay up to 600 eggs in one lifetime. If left unchecked, fleas will overrun your home in as little as a few weeks. The biting fleas that you are experiencing are only the tip of the iceberg, they represent 5% of your flea population. 95% of your flea population are eggs, larvae, and pupae – not visible to your eye and remain undetected until they develop into adults.

A Treatment that Targets ALL STAGES of Flea Development

Successful Flea control does not mean only controlling the biting adult Fleas. To completely rid your home of Fleas, we target all stages of the Flea’s life cycle. Our treatment will eliminate biting adults as well as keep the young from developing and continuing their life cycle to adulthood.

Put Down That Spray Can!

Yes, that means you! Do it yourself treatments are almost always ineffective. Nearly all DIY products marketed to consumers lack the proper chemistry to truly offer successful flea control. Professional treatments are the only means of effective flea control. Do not let your home become overrun with biting, disease vectoring fleas. Leave it to the professionals and call for a quote.

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