Stinging Insect Control

Ouch, That Stings!

Warm weather, picnics, and summer activities are under constant threat of stinging pests. During warm months, yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and wasps are nesting in areas where you and your family spend time. These stinging pests can cause serious allergic reactions and often nest in difficult to reach areas. These nests can be dangerous to remove. Leave it to the professionals and let us keep your summer pest free.

Take The Sting Out Of Summer

Your pest control technician knows the areas where stinging pests nest. Our treatments are tailored to your home, protecting every crack and crevice (roofline to foundation) from stinging pests. A stinging pest treatment will not only eliminate active nests, but also prevent them in the future. Some things are better left to the professionals, call us now for a quote and enjoy a pest-free summer.

Our Friend The Honeybee

As pollinators, Honeybees play a critical role in the environment. As pest management professionals, we make diligent efforts to be exceptional environmental stewards. We do everything we can to ensure our methods do not affect Honeybees unless absolutely necessary. Large Honeybee hives can produce large amounts of honey and may need to be remediated and relocated, an intensive process at times. If you suspect you have a Honeybee colony in your home or are unsure, consider contacting a local beekeeper.

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