Food Service

Protect Your Reputation

The sighting of just one pest is all it takes to spur a negative review of your establishment. At Applied Pest Management we understand the importance of preventing food service pests before they reach your customers or their food. Our food service protection plan stops food service pests before they can take foothold in your business. Our protection plan may include the following:

Flying Insect Control

Through various strategies, we target and control flying pests such as flies and stinging insects. These pests pose a risk to your customers and your reputation. Flies are particularly important to include in a food service pest management program because they vector food-borne illness.

Rodent Control

Controlling rodents in a food service establishment is critical. Rodents vector disease, cause damage, and can even cause fires. Our food service protection plan will eliminate rodents and keep them out of your establishment.

Odor Control

Odors have a tremendous impact on a customer’s impression of your establishment. Customers often associate odor with cleanliness. Pleasant smelling restrooms and other areas are commonly perceived as clean. We offer a wide variety of air freshening services.

Whatever your pest management needs, Applied Pest Management puts your establishment and customers first. Protect your reputation and your customers, call for a free assessment.

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