Rodent Control

Not Your Furry Friend

The most encountered and economically important rodents, house mice are not only a nuisance (by damaging materials through gnawing and by eating and contaminating stored food); they are also disease carriers or vectors. Active year round, the house mouse is the second most successful breeding mammal on Earth. A family of six mice can become 50-60 in 90 days.

Proven Rodent Control Time and Time Again

We have tested our method thousands of times with a perfect success rate. No matter if you have hundreds of mice or just a few, our bait system will eliminate them all. Through the installation and service of exterior perimeter, tamper resistant, locked, secured rodent bait stations placed in inconspicuous locations, the service will:

1. Eliminate rodents from within the structure.
2. Knock down the outdoor rodent population.
3. Maintain the rodent population as low as possible throughout the year.
4. Prevent rodents from proliferating close to the structure.

Free Retreatment Guarantee

With the exterior perimeter bait stations in place, mice do not even stand a chance at entering your home. However, if at any point during the service you see evidence of mice, call us right away and we will be out to take care of it free of charge. Leave it to the professionals, call now for a quote.

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