Tick Control

7,920 Confirmed Cases of Lyme Disease in Pennsylvania and Counting…

Pennsylvania is the leading state in documented Lyme disease cases. The Center for Disease Control reports that in 2018 there were 7,920 confirmed and 2,288 probable cases of Lyme disease in Pennsylvania.

Ticks are the leading vector of Lyme disease and can be found lurking in your yard or around your home. Contact your local pest control experts at Applied Pest Management for a treatment strategy that is right for you and your home.

At Applied Pest Management, we have developed a program that will help control ticks throughout the year. We will analyze the high-risk areas of your property and focus the treatment accordingly.

Help protect your children, pets, and family from tick exposure with a customized tick control program from Applied Pest Management. Call now for a quote.

What can I do as a homeowner to minimize exposure to ticks?

  1. Know where ticks are commonly found
    1. Ticks are commonly found in brush, leaf litter, tall grass, and wooded areas.
  2. Consider using insect repellents
    1. Always read the product label and use or apply only as specified on the label
  3. Consider wearing long sleeves and pants when walking through tall brush and grasses or when walking through wooded areas

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